We offer a wide range
of bespoke creative services.

Art Direction & Design

Brand Identity

We specialize in creating impactful branding systems for musicians, events and organizations. Everything from art direction to logos, typography, color palettes, supporting graphics and brand guidelines. We'll make sure your physical and digital presence is visually consistent so it builds a strong connection with your audience, customer or fan base.

Event Design & Organization


Whether it's an exhibit, festival, business event of performance, we can help turn your idea into an entire multi-media experience. We've got you covered from art direction, branding, environmental design, and marketing to interior design, production and organization

From posters, books, to packaging systems, we'll help you create unique physical products to showcase your brand. We have relationships with printers, laser cutters and even cassette tape makers so your vision can be fully realized. 

Print & Packaging Design

Art Services

Looking for artwork to refresh your home, revamp your office or show at your event?  We can help you curate groups of work for a specific space or theme. 

Art Curation

Commissioned Work

We are a community of diverse artists, including painters, photographers, digital illustrators and craftsmen. From custom pieces, displays to interior murals, we can help bring your vision into life. 

Musician Services

Physical & Digital Press Kits

A vital asset for any modern musician or band. A professionally made press-kit gives you an upper-hand when reaching out to labels, music blogs or high-profile venues. We'll help you make a lasting impression through a custom designed package, containing everything you need to present your music professionally. Press kit items may include but are not limited to: Branded and designed envelope, a physical copy of your album or EP (cd, vinyl, cassette), designed booklet with key information and contact details, digital album download card, branded flash-drive containing files such as videos, songs, promo images etc., marketing materials, misc. branded items and print materials.

Album Release & Promotion

With a fully realized album or EP release you can make a huge impression and cut through the noise of a saturated music market. We assist in everything from creating powerful, eye-catching promotional print posters and flyers to effective, well-planned digital marketing campaigns and content creation. Social media is one of the most important tools for artists today, and we can help to build your fan-base, raise hype around your releases, and maintain engagement with your followers between releases.

Digital Platforms

Modern musicians have the advantage of utilizing a multitude of digital platforms to distribute and share their music world-wide. In addition to website design, we can assist in setting up and maintaining your releases on all of the major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

To request more detailed information on what we can offer please don't hesitate to contact us.