Daze Gone By Art Exhibition

Another group exhibition at the Retamp Gallery, we brought together 7 international artists with works spanning from painting, digital illustration, photography to sculpture. 

Featured Artists:
Temi Adeniyi • www.monthlyberlin.tumblr.com
Aaron Garner • www.instagram.com/channel.surfer
Molly Levinson
Natalia Piana
Zoe Remund • www.zoexchange.blogspot.com
Therese Sivertsson
Angela Tolosa • www.instagram.com/__etheria__


Photography by Temi Adeniyi

1503417236696 (1).jpg

Watercolor paintings by Zoe Remund


Graphic illustration & paintings by Natalia Piana

1503233964949 (1).jpg

Graphic illustration by Aaron Garner


Sculpture by Molly Levinson

1503233780308 (1).jpg

Photography by Therese Sivertsson


Watercolor paintings by Angela Tolosa

'Paracosm' Group Exhibition

We spent the past week at the ReTramp Gallery in Neukolln with 6 international artists for our 'Paracosm' group show. A 'paracosm' is defined as a detailed imaginary world created inside one's mind. A fitting name for an exhibition featuring the works, worlds and characters of 6 very different and unique artists.

Temi Adeniyi • www.monthlyberlin.tumblr.com
Aaron Garner • www.aaron-garner.com
Jeremie Montero • @jeeerms
Zoe Remund • www.zoexchange.blogspot.com
Sidy • @sidylife
Angela Tolosa • www.angela-tolosa.com

Street Art Pt. 1 - Berlin

From building walls and subway stations, to bathrooms and light posts, it's everywhere. More than anywhere I've seen in the world, the urban landscape of Berlin is home to an almost immeasurable amount taggers, muralists and street artists. It's absolutely everywhere, so much so you almost forget it's there, as it seems such a natural part of the city. However, if you slow down, and stop to take a closer look, you can find some truly interesting, strange and remarkable pieces.