We aim to move you beyond physical planes. We’ll guide you to a place where emotions
intertwine with your senses, lifting you to a higher dimension. This is where tomorrow begins.
Minds expand, cultures connect, people let go - taking a step into the unknown.

Angela tolosa

Founder & Creative Director,
Brand, Events + Marketing


Angela Tolosa is a visual artist and designer native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Captivated by the prismatic colors, psychedelic spaces and music within the city it lead her to pursue a creative career. With over 10 years of diverse experience, professional projects include environmental design for Facebook and Netsuite, UI design for Intel, persona work for Motorolla and art direction for Berlin-based startups and conferences. Personal work ranges from abstract watercolor painting, esoteric structures to ethereal digital illustrations.

With a strong focus on brand development and event design, she is currently working as a freelance creative director and continues to evolve her personal projects.

AARON garner

Founder & Creative Director,
Music + Product

A California native born and raised in the suburbs in the 90s. Aaron's inspiration draws from the nostalgia of his youth. Everything from California skate culture and punk rock, to Saturday morning cartoons and 80s movies. With bright colors, and bold line work his surreal pieces are a window into hazy dreams of lost youth and distorted fantasies. With a Bachelors in Multimedia and Design Aaron also has over 7 years professional experience in graphic design and illustration and is a musician. 

Currently he is working as a creative director in the music industry while working on this next album.